This is where you will find information for all the workshops that I am currently offering.

Follow the links below to go to individual pages where you will find information and photographs for each workshop.

Most workshops are for up to 15 people (please contact me if you need to include a few more).

I always bring loads of blocks, stencils, paints and other relevant materials.

The cost of £350 per workshop (£550 for 2 day workshops) includes travelling expenses. Talks are £100 in addition.

I will be trying to arrange a number of workshops in one trip, but if it is not possible to combine dates, then I may need someone to accommodate me for a couple of nights. (This means that hotel bills do not enter the equation!)

I don't normally travel just to do a talk, but if that's all you want then 45p per mile is the cost of travel (plus overnight accomodation if needed).

PLEASE don't ask me to reduce prices as I have been as reasonable as I can. This is my job....not a hobby, and I need to make a living at the end of the day. :-)

Workshops Available to Book