Chris Gray Textile Artist

My first book "Stitching Magic - Beginning the Journey" ...

..... was based on my body of work, entitled "Magic", which came about by my looking at how symbolism has been used in ancient and tribal cultures... This has now gone out of print, but will be re-published as an e-book later in 2017.

This has been done because I'm currently working on another 2 books - one "Lavender & Lace" based....and the second on making Art Books.

I'm really excited about both of them which will be released as e-books late 2017/early 2018.


I am working on new workshops for 2018 onwards...

...and new projects will be introduced as and when I develop them.

You can follow progress over on the blog .

All current workshops are now on the "Workshop" pages. One day workshops cost £350 - 2 days £650 - 3 days £800 (incl travel). Accompanying talks £100.

Please come and visit my blog if you've got a bit of time to spare ...there's always something new happening there... AND it's updated more often !!