About Us

MabonArts was set up by Textile Artist, Chris Gray.


Chris Gray is a textile artist, author and tutor, living in South Wales.

Much of her work is inspired by all things ancient and the textiles and arts of tribal peoples.

Having studied religion and history and then European pre-history at the University of Wales, a fascination for ancient societies and cultures has been a constant in her life.

Shelves groan with books about Neolithic sites, Minoan goddess shrines and ancient scripts and languages. Others with those about quilting and embroidery. Boxes of fabrics and fibres are stacked from floor to ceiling.

She can be found at many of the major shows, travelling around the UK and Europe giving talks and workshops, and is a regular contributor to the Embroiderer's Guild “Stitch” magazine.

Chris runs Mabon Arts, a small online site, shop & publishing business. www.mabonarts.co.uk

...and her first book "Stitching Magic - Beginning the Journey" was published in November 2013.

Chris's blog “Textile Butterfly” is a popular stopping off point for many visitors...