(This project is also available as a workshop - Printed Hussif)


Hand-dyed or batik fabric – fat quarter 
Craft Vilene 25cms
Lightweight wadding 25cms
Felt A4 piece
Fabric Paints
Fabric Transfer Dyes/Paints
Rayon or other threads
Bondaweb 25cms
Rat-tail satin cord 1.5m
Thread cutter (if desired)
Paper for transfer dyes and booklet
Chinese coin or button (if desired)
Wooden or other print block

Take a piece of hand-dyed (or batik) fabric and cut into 2 pieces measuring 25cms x 16cms. Crease a centre line on each piece.

(I used Empress Mills Egyptian Cotton dyed with Colourcraft Procion MX dyes.)

Using fabric paints and a small piece of sponge, put paint onto a wooden print block and print onto the right-hand-side of one of the pieces of fabric, leaving a distinct margin around the edges. (This is to ensure that when the pieces are stitched together, the printed design is not lost at all.)


(You could also use a piece of fabric to applique instead of printing if you wish. There are some gorgeous fabrics out there – Laurel Burch for example – that would make a great front cover!!)

Cut some lightweight wadding the same size as your fabric and place it underneath the printed piece. Thread the sewing machine with your chosen thread and set to a very small straight stitch. Stitch around the printed design, changing thread colour as desired.


When your stitching is completed, place the 2 pieces of fabric right sides together and stitch around 1 short and 2 long sides, leaving one short side open. (Approx 5mm seam allowance.) Clip the corners to reduce bulk and turn right side out. Turn in the fabric edges on the open side and iron in place.

Measure the size of the hussif as it now stands and cut a piece of craft Vilene about 3mm smaller all around. Iron on some Bondaweb and allow to cool. Peel off the backing paper, insert the Vilene into the hussif (Bondaweb facing towards the printed side), and iron to fix.

Carefully stitch the hussif closed using a small whip stitch. Now stitch a bead about every 3 mm around the outside edges. Fold in half and iron gently to form the centre crease down which you will do a single line of straight stitching.


Take 2 pieces of A4 paper and sponge on some fabric transfer paints or dyes. Allow to dry before ironing onto 2 pieces of craft Vilene that have been cut to just a bit larger than the hussif cover. When cool, cut the Vilene pieces to approx. 21cms x 15cms (just a bit smaller than your hussif cover). Fold in half and crease gently. Keep the offcuts handy – you'll need some later on!


Cut two pieces of felt approx 10cms x 9cms and iron Bondaweb onto the backs. Peel off the backing paper, place centrally onto the two “pages” of one piece of Vilene and iron in place. Stitch around the edges with a machine straight stitch and down through the centre (with a fancy stitch if you like!)


Take two pieces of the cover fabric (about 10cms x 10cms) and Bondaweb together to give a firmer feel. Print onto the centre and cut to approx 7cms x 7cms. Place onto the right hand side of the second piece of Vilene and stitch around three sides, forming a pocket.


Take one of the small pieces of transfer-printed Vilene and cut it to about 2cms x 9cms. Stitch a pattern through the centre and then attach it to the left hand “page” opposite the printed pocket.


Using some satin rat-tail, attach a thread cutter to the top of the pocket page. I used a small Chinese coin for added interest.


Make a small booklet that will slip underneath by putting together a few pieces of paper and stitching them across the top (or fold and staple if preferred).


Put the two Vilene pieces wrong-sides together and stitch around three sides, leaving the top open. Place carefully into the centre of the hussif cover and stitch down through the centre crease. You now have four “pages”, and two pockets to store threads, scissors or whatever you like.


Take a 100 cm piece of rat-tail and cut in half. Put the 2 pieces together and tie knots at each end. (You might want to seal the rat-tail ends with some PVA or clear nail varnish.) Stitch the middle of the rat-tail strands into the centre stitched line on the outside of the hussif. (You could also do this with a staight stitch on the sewing machine.) Tie a bow to keep the hussif closed.



For Cotton fabrics; Vilene; Bondaweb; Felt Threads; Wadding

....go to Empress Mills

For Fabric Paints; Fabric Transfer Paints/Dyes; Procion MX dyes;

....go to Colourcraft

For Wooden print blocks

....go to Colouricious

......and good craft suppliers for other items